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Here are the websites I have designed. There is no particular order in presentation but generally, the first one is the latest work. They are designed with the client in mind so they can update the website themselves. There are however, some that I manage for the client and do updates on a regular basis.

I always use a scaffold theme and modify this to hone the site for the client in mind. WordPress themes are quite complex beasts, so there’s no point in reinventing the wheel. Everyone wants to show their unique qualities and gifts as it is important for the users to see, very quickly, through their website, who they are.

To start on your design journey, you will need some examples to feast on, to gain ideas. There is always the web itself to see what you like, but I suggest you look here first at my current work, to see anything resonates with you. We all need examples of what is possible. Some clients need guidance to find their direction, others don’t. I am here either way to make your journey as easy as possible.

The Nowhere Chronicles
A Way of Seeing
Caroline's Poetry
Amy Ryan Hypnosis
Sarah-Jane Grace
Kosmon Sanctuary
Caroline's Horse Training
Caroline's Storytelling
Dare to Expand
June Austin
Nibiruan Council
Papa's Passionflower
St Michael's The Sanctuary
Kingswood Village
Vibrations of the Soul
Wisdom of the Soul
Museum of the Horse
Kenneth Anns
Box Hill Yoga
Health & Fitness For You
Harmony Matrix
Greenleaves Herbal Health