About Coran

I sort of intuitively fell into designing websites in 2006 and discovered that this was the best choice I ever made. The reason: is that it afforded me the opportunity to marry my skills as an artist and photographer as well as a think outside the box software engineer.

For me, web design was a sort of the next natural step. And it’s working nicely.

Previous to 2006, I was designing software applications and interfaces for a small company that provided network solutions to local schools and printing solutions and software for both large and small businesses in the United Kingdom.

Previous to this, I had worked for the BBC for 28 years learning and honing many skills designing interfaces and software and hardware for many projects in the engineering arena. I was part of a team that designed and developed equipment and systems for the Radio Data System (RDS) that is now a standard feature in many car and portable FM radios. I learnt my skills from the ground up as in the 1970’s, the technology was just a whisper of those afforded us in today’s technological climate.

As a photographer, I was able to enhance my natural flair to see scenes and this afforded me the opportunity to absorb some of the more valuable skills in television production. I filmed and edited video for Caroline Baldock to add extra value to her website Museum of the Horse, and to tell a story. Video has to tell a story in order to capture the audience. You can view the video here. I look forward to many more opportunities to film and edit for my clients.

As an artist, my skills travelled into 3D digital art from pencils as a child. This new technology has allowed me to express myself in ways not possible just a decade ago. Much of my digital art intuits from my experience through life and as such are very personal images.

Although I began my website design work in the healing and spiritual arena, my skills apply equally to any business or individual seeking to cultivate a web presence no matter their target audience. It is the message that is important and not the technology that presents it. The message can be lost in the noise generated by the sights and sounds and sophistication of the presentation.

Now I have managed to focus on writing a book that has taken 10 years. This book is A Way of Seeing and describes some of my experiences of being transgender and also how I was able to become something greater once I had let go of all the pain of suppression inflicted upon by society.