A Way of Seeing Book

Many of us travel along the road of life picking up masks to hide behind. Many of us hold onto these masks like super glue as they bestow identity, our personality, the individual we think we are. How many of us are able to step from behind our shadow and into the light of our soul?

We show little of ourselves to others and sometimes, even less to ourselves, preferring to blame others for our situation. Do we truly know who we are, where we are going and what we are here for? How many of us can be truly authentic, open and honest?

Discover yourself, let the world discover you.

Sixty years in the making, this book has taken 10 years to write. I know the subject very well. It is about me. I am transgendered but don’t let that put you off. Society likes labels. Transgender is a label. This label serves a purpose to describe 10% of me. However, the other 90% is far more interesting.

Gender dysphoria is like a badly cut suit. It rubs in all the wrong places. I may have been aware of this facet to my personality from a very young age; probably 3 to 4 years old. When I wished to express this facet I was pushed away, suppressed and vilified by an ignorant society.

To minimise the pain of suppression, I unconsciously chose to allow the blank canvas that was me to be covered in the paint of people’s needs and wants thereby hiding the true me in the process. I became the good quiet child, the obedient servant to everyone’s desires.

There comes a point when the pain of suppression becomes far too great. I could easily just paint over what others had created on the canvas of me but that would leave all the unexpressed anger, frustration and rage hiding underneath.

No, I had to find a way of removing their paint to discover the pristine canvas once again. I could then paint my own shades of harmony to create my very own picture of me as I see myself; the real me, a complete expression of my soul.

This book then is a philosophical and spiritual paint remover lightly sprinkled with metaphor. It is my journey from restriction to freedom, from constraint to choice, from imprisonment to liberty. This is the other 90% which, as I said, is so much more interesting.

Trace your own journey through my words and discover if you are willing to be part of your own liberation. You have 120,000 of them so there should be something you will recognise and connect with. Let me guide you round the Spiral of Liberation to discover who you are under all the masks to let the world see you as you really are; the expression of your soul.

Step into the unknown with me as your guide.

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