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Welcome to Coran’s Web. I am Coran Foddering.

I design websites for small businesses and people such as complementary therapists who would like a presence on the World Wide Web.

Although I cut my teeth designing spiritual websites for many clients, I am not limited to that arena, so can just as effectively design for any type of business.

Most people have something to say, a message that has meaning or significance for them, but currently have no understanding of how to accomplish this task.

Be Your Own Presence

This is where I come in.

I can offer you decades of software design and development experience, photography and, partnered with my artistic skills, I am in an excellent position to design and develop a unique website for you.

Here we go, lots of important questions for you to answer. Before you go down the route of spending lots of money on your project, think carefully, for you don’t want to paint yourself into a very big corner. Not thinking very carefully about where you want to be in say, one year’s time, could result in having to start the website design again, and from scratch. Business changes holistically over time, so the website needs to be able to change to keep up.


Businesses, both large and small, need to communicate effectively to attract customers and clients. The World Wide Web provides a wonderful opportunity to increase your visibility, so you can maintain your regular customers while creating interest to entice new customers. Simplicity of design helps your clients navigate your website. They want to discover, quickly, the information they are looking for. Maintaining their interest with creative design, will hold them with you and not decide to drift to see the offering of your competition.


Website design is an experience that changes you, one that challenges your own sense of visibility and prominence in the world. The design process thus becomes a symbiotic relationship between you and me. We will walk the journey together to complete the undertaking. You will always see steps in the sand walk side by side.


You may have no time constraints to complete a website but conversely, may have a milestone that is rapidly approaching. I can work at your pace providing we can communicate effectively together. It can take between 10 hoursand 30 hours to complete depending upon the complexity and the nature of the audience you are trying to attract.


Websites are there to present a message to anyone who is viewing your content. That message needs to be simple and concise with the information presented in a manner that makes it easy for them to discover the answers to their questions. If not, you will probably lose them.


In general, I prefer to work face to face with clients as this offers the best environment to maximise communication and understanding between us. But now, with the changes in technology, I can though work through the telephone, Zoom or Skype, so your location in the world is not a limitation. I have English speaking clients in the UK, Italy and America.


I use WordPress which provides the scaffold for the website and modify the theme (or template) to hone the design for your particular needs. Other important applications I use are Affinity Photo to process images for the internet, Affinity Designer for creation of artwork and logos, and Cubase to edit audio. I can also film HD video if this will help increase your visibility and tell your story, and use Final Cut Pro for editing those videos.

WordPress has evolved over many years, so if you have the computer skills, and are ready to learn new ones, you can update the website content yourself. This gives you a less costly avenue for future content changes. I provide a teaching session for WordPress and 2 months free telephone support.

Find Me

You can find out more about me and my work from the portfolio page of this website. Please contact me if what you see here interests you. I live in the countryside of Surrey close to Dorking, Walton on the Hill, Tadworth, Leatherhead & Epsom.


Be Your Own Presence